About Us


The GXP team serves pharma, biotech, medtech, and related companies who need single tenant purpose-built facilities and smaller multi-tenant qualified workspace, and/or maintenance services in the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina. We work to develop trusted relationships with our clients and investors to develop, qualify, lease, and maintain up to BSL-2 life sciences facilities and equipment.


The Greater Triangle of North Carolina has a history of visionary investment for long term growth and is one of the largest advanced life sciences and technology research areas in the world supporting the operations of over 7,000 life sciences and technology companies.

Pharma, biotech, and medtech companies want to establish and/or grow their presence in the Greater Triangle to be an integral part of a world class community with a high concentration of advanced research in science, technology, and engineering. This community nurtures collaboration and is supported by leading universities and colleges, a well-educated multidisciplinary workforce, world class infrastructure, top-ranked quality of life, and strong economic development.