Purpose-Built Facilities


We develop and maintain qualified life sciences facilities in the Greater Triangle area of North Carolina that support up to BSL-2 requirements. We focus on serving large single tenant clients who work with us to design, build, qualify, and maintain purpose-built facilities to a GXP life sciences standard.

Our collective experience has successfully developed commercial real estate to meet a broad spectrum of single tenant client requirements that includes GXP restricted access life sciences facilities up to a BSL-2 qualification. We may also develop multi-tenant facilities from time to time to support clients who need smaller amounts of qualified life science workspace.

Our Approach






We continuously work to identify, acquire, plan, and certify sites for our clients in the Greater Triangle Area of North Carolina.


Our clients can secure one or more adjacent buildings pads on a site to meet their current and future business growth and expansion requirements.


We work with our clients to develop purpose-built life sciences facilities up to a BSL-2 qualification using a collaborative proven approach.


We provide ongoing facility and equipment maintenance services to support the mission-critical operations of our clients to a GXP standard.
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